Private Schools In The UK, The Better Alternative For Your Children

The United Kingdom has a tradition of renowned private schools and prep schools. Some of those independent schools are even known across borders. Families from as far away as Asia or Saudi Arabia sent their children to private schools in the United Kingdom to ensure they can get the best education possible.

private-schools-ukWhile one may immediately think that private schools will always be a domain for the rich only, there are prep schools in the UK that can be a great alternative to public schools even for your own children.

Increasingly more families in the UK choose private schools since they finally have realised how the public school system is not always optimal when it comes to their children’s education.

No surprise seeing that classroom sizes in public schools can often exceed 40 children. The sheer number of pupils will often make it impossible that teachers can dedicate to individual children.

Then there are those families who want to ensure that their children are taking care of in the best way possible. Especially for single parents or when both are working, this can often be a problem. With private and independent schools in the UK you will always know that you children are in good hands, not only in the classroom but also in their free time.

I personally recommend this local prep school in Hertfordshire, the renowned Kingshottschool. It should be high on your list of options if you look for recommended UK schools in Hertfordshire.

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Storing Your Private Data

The recent hack of Apple’s iCloud where many celebrity’s often very private photographs had been hacked and then spread all over the Internet again brings into the spotlight the question about how to best store your private and sensitive data.

celebs-yell-at-cloudWould you really want to upload sensitive material to a third party provider, even if they claim they are as secure as it can be?

What about your company’s sensitive data such as passwords or customer information?

In my opinion, you cannot rely on and depend on any third-party service even if they claim they are the most secure on this planet.

The unforeseen can always happen, whether it is hackers targeting a company or a data storage firm going bankrupt while all your sensitive data is out there.

Common sense says that you should never store your most private data in the cloud but have them secured locally, maybe on your very own backup hard drives locked up in a old-fashioned safe. While this may not sound very high-tech to you still the best way to make sure that your invaluable data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Tip on Helpful Software For Small Businesses

Numerous types of industries today can profit from specific, in some cases even customized small business software. Among those industries would be all these companies and businesses in the shipping industry. This includes import and export businesses but also those businesses that deal with stock and warehousing.

shipping softwareThose businesses that deal with international shipping can in particular profit from this type of software.

Shipping software or modern export software can help by cutting down the efforts needed in regard to the management and organisation of shipping documentation and paperwork.

International trade documentation would be one example of critical documents that play a crucial role for the successful operation of those businesses. Modern export software can help managing international trade documentation unlike any other type of small business software available today.

Benefits of shipping software can be that it helps to cut costs by helping the business to always find it easiest and most cost-effective way of transport. This is important in the shipping industry since the dictation costs are often dynamic and can always change. By always knowing about the most cost-effective route, significant costs can be saved.

Costly delays can be avoided since export software and shipping software can immediately alert in case there is incomplete paperwork. An example of this would be always important forms for customs where it is always critical that they are complete and up-to-date. Shipping software can therefore help to get goods faster from one location to the other by minimising all potential risks that could otherwise arise.

Homeopathy ‘No Better Than Placebo” According to Study

An article in the Daily Mail refers a new study that comes to the conclusion that Homeopathy “is no better than a placebo”. The article mentions a recent Australian study where the impact and effect of homeopathic medicines and treatments had been looked at.

According to the study by the Australia’s National Medical Agency, homeopathy shows no beneficial effects whatsoever and is “no better than a placebo”.

The president of the Australian Medical Association Dr. Choong stated his opinion that “Homeopathy is not a science. It is not based in science.” He furthermore added that in a lot of cases homeopathy can be considered dangerous and can risk people’s lives.


Internet Security Bug Worse Than First Believed

Tech companies Cisco and Juniper suggest that the security vulnerability named Heartbleed is much more widespread and dangerous that initially thought. In an article by Time they say that the vulnerability may affect a lot more routers and systems in many companies.

Both companies are now checking their own equipment and devices and have alerted customers in regards to the security thread.

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security stated that its systems are not affected by Heartbleed.

If you need a free AntiVirus

Do you need a good AntiVirus program for the PC but are strapped for cash? No panic! You can have one for free. On the website PC Advisor you can find a great list of freely available anti malware and anti virus programs.

The best ones according to the list are malwarebytes for malware detection, AVG Antivirus and the Avast AV software. Those software programs are not only free to obtain, they have a great detection rate as well. If you don’t have an Antivirus program yet, download them today!

Palemoon: A Cool Browser Alternative

Firefox is already a great web browser and it’s success is certainly testament for this fact. However, you can have even better if you want a fast and highly optimized web browser.

Palemoon - A Firefox Fork

Palemoon – A Firefox Fork

Palemoon is an optimized fork of Firefox where some unnecessary things have been removed and other features have been optimized. Its focusing on efficiency and ease of use.

As of this date the current version is 24.4.2. Palemoon is open source and you can download it for free from the website