‘Surprise Entertainment’ Now All the Hype In The UK

Whether it’s a corporate party or your niece’s upcoming wedding reception, chances are that you will come across the term “surprise entertainment”, at least if you happen to live in the United Kingdom.

The Singing WaitersGone are the times where party throwers merely hired a DJ or a band for the musical entertainment of their guests.

Today, it’s all about “surprise music” or “surprise entertainment” whereas the latter may also include performances by spontaneous flash mobs or professional actors.

Mary Gwynsworth from London sums it up quite well: “Don’t even try to throw a traditional party if you are or want to be someone here in the greater London area. If you really want to make an impression and get your guests wooed there is no way around that you book good entertainers like the singing waiters. Otherwise you will look like someone who spent the last years behind a rock and people may laugh at you”.

The Singing Waiters may be the most known surprise entertainers in the UK today. With the increased popularity for surprise entertainment they are now getting booked by private persons and large corporates in the London area . Those who want to get in with the surprise music fun are advised to book many months in advance.

The Singing Waiters are professional trained singers and dancers who can perform and satisfy any type of musical tastes and preferences.  If you want to contact the singing waiters you should visit their website at www.secretsingers.com or book by phone.